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Vanessa Gonzalez: Road to Worlds Interview Series

Posted on September 7, 2012 by wakemitch There have been 0 comments

The World Wakesurfing Championship is less than a month away. The California Marine Sports wakesurf team has been riding hard all summer long and we thought it was time to catch up with the team before the wakesurf season finale. We have put together a series of interviews with each of our team riders. In this first interview I was able to chat with Vanessa Gonzalez about her summer of progression.


CMS: Since the first comp of the year back in May, what has changed for you coming into Worlds?

Vanessa Gonzalez: A lot has changed it is almost hard to believe. I have improved drastically from not even able to land a 360 to sticking my first 1080 the other day. I ride a different board which has allowed  me to advance at a fast pace, the Victoria agent in a size 46’’. I have gotten closer to people and companies involved in the wakesurf community  and the passion I have for the sport has grown times 10 which I didn’t know was possible.


CMS: You have been working hard and progressing your riding so fast this summer. What has been your motivation?

VG: My main motivation is the love I have for the sport and the self-satisfaction I get from continually learning new tricks.  And, it’s really rewarding to have my new tricks translate into placing on the podium at the competitions.


CMS: Are you just out there free riding or are you out to train?

VG: It’s both. Good thing my training is fun! As I get closer to worlds I would say it’s more training than anything. A lot of what I do these last few months revolve around wakesurfing but that’s because I choose  to make it that way out of my own dedication and passion for the sport.


CMS: What has been your favorite comp so far this year?

VG: So far I would have to say Orlando [Nationals], but I think that would have to be because I LOVE Florida. I have a feeling the mywake global competition I am going to next week might be up there. We shall see.


CMS: You and Bri Chmel have spent a lot of time together this Summer. What’s it like riding with the best women’s rider in the world?

VG: AWESOME! Not only do I get to ride with a good friend and share many general interests, but I also get to share my passion of wakesurfing with her. It’s just a super bonus she is the best in the world! I feel more confident because I feel like she has re- taught me the fundamentals of surfing which has allowed me to strengthen my current riding and become more consistent.  We motivate each other, share goals, share similar life styles so I would have to say I am a pretty lucky girl. Goofy girls!


CMS: Has she had an influence on your riding?

VG: Big time! Every rider I ride with I try to take a little from on the things that I like. Since I ride with her often, it’s easy to imitate and be influenced in her ways. But I guess that’s not a bad thing since she is dominating the woman’s division right?  I like to take advice from someone who knows what they’re doing.  Why try and recreate the system? I mean would you take financial advice from a homeless person? I hope not. Will I take advice from the unbeatable Woman’s wakesurfer? You better believe it!


CMS: Where do you want to see women’s skim style wakesurfing going?

VG: I want to see the gap fill between armatures and woman’s pro. More girls getting air, and shuv its and so on.  I also want to see the sport grow and would love to help in anyway in the expansion of the sport.

CMS: Will you be competing in Am or Pro at Worlds?

I will be competing in woman’s outlaw division. My goal and hope is that by next year I will be entering in Pro, but we shall see. I would like to get a shuv it dialed down first.


CMS: What are you most excited about heading into Worlds?

VG: The event in itself is a great one and I know this is one that almost EVERYONE goes to so that will be fun. I look forward to seeing the people and friends that follow the sport. I am excited and very nervous about competing. I hope I have one of my better runs out there.


CMS: Any shout outs?

VG: Just my sponsors. CMS for being such a great support team, Victoria for always filling my needs, and O'Neill for the great opportunity to represent such an awesome brand of surf clothing, life jackets and wetsuits for the cold weather that will soon come to follow after this gorgeous summer. I would also like to thank Cytosport for my care package which has allowed me to spike up my endurance level during training time and prevent soreness, I have noticed a HUGE difference!

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